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Me and Jess are having a picnic on Hampstead Heath. The weather is perfect! But the booze is nearly gone...
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I am on a train to Edinburgh. By 9-9:30 ish, myself and [ profile] spikeylady hope to be safely esconsed in the Auld Hoose with a pint. Hopefully see some of you there!
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Using the free wireless at a restaurant in the Museumquarter. I had assumed that the thing I ordered with ricotta, pine nuts and parmesan was some sort of pasta dish, but no, it's ricotta, pine nuts, parmensan and that's it! Turned it into a sandwich and that was OK. Very nice orange juice.

Went to the Kunstsmuseum yesterday - have a picture!

Can't get Ultravox out of my head though.
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It was always the sort of plan that might not have come off. If I'd remembered to get some cash out and get it changed at the bureau de change in Stanstead it might still have done, but as it was the club wasn't where it was supposed to be, and I didn't have enough Euros on me to wander around Vienna in taxis looking for it and still be sure of having enough for the journey back to the hotel. Never mind!

PS: semi-worksafe pic of me and [ profile] spikeylady at Subversion in January!
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Work have agreed to pay for me to go to Fast Software Encryption 2006 though I won't be presenting anything there. Hurrah! When you consider that, in fifteen years of studying crypto, I've had less than two weeks of face-to-face discussion with peers on the subject, you can see why this makes a big difference to me.

I shall also endeavor to go to this club, as part of my world tour of goth clubs :-)
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Conference going very well, though now too wiped to really take in presentations. More impressed with Trivium than ever. My presentations seemed to go well.

Tonight I'm going here!


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