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The washing machine works! I fixed it!

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(yet more wittering about DIY and such)

We have clean dishes! They were washed in the dishwasher, which I plumbed in and switched on yesterday. Given that we had the most enormous pile of washing up to do and the freezer was sitting where the drying rack should be, it seemed an apposite time. RAR! It wasn't too hard - the hard parts were getting the pipes to go where they should when they were quite short and the dishwasher had to fit in the small space under the sink. I had to tie ropes to them, then push the dishwasher into the space, then pull on the ropes to get enough length of pipe to plumb it in. Good thing I had rope handy really.

The replacement pump for the washing machine arrived today, and it's the right part. Hopefully this will fix it; I'm not really sure that it's the pump that's the problem but I can't see what else it could be. Anyway, I'll fit it tonight and we'll see.

I might even get around to moving stuff into the new fridge freezer and reclaiming the drying rack...

I have done other things since I last updated, like clubbing and partying, but you get the updates on the DIY. Aren't you all lucky.
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I've taken the afternoon off to play with the washing machine some more. Read more... )
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Another diary-type entry full of the excitement that is our lives at the moment.

We are so busy just now! Spent yesterday installing new washing machine, which involved drilling a HUGE HOLE with one of those huge hole drilling things and was very exciting and satisfying and went well. Sadly the waste water pump on the washing machine we have been gifted appears to be dead, so we have to decide what to do about that. There's still loads to do on the house, but we're getting there slowly - we've also fitted the sliding mirror doors onto [ profile] spikeylady's new double wardrobe, it wasn't too hard and they're cool. All the zillions of folk who said "get an electric screwdriver" - you were so right. [ profile] asrana is coming around tonight and we're all watching House of Cards. I've got Polyday stuff to do, and I've recently agreed to help out with some BiCon work too. I think I need to get a bit more organised.

Anyone know anything about washing machines? Is it possible that what looks like a failing waste water pump (when put on spin, water is sloshed about but none comes out of waste pipe, even when pipe is disconnected and I'm holding a bowl under the outlet) is actually something I can do something about, or should we just get a new one? I've checked the filter and it's clean; on the other hand there is a sound that might be something trying to pump, so maybe something is blocked.

I need a DIY icon. Now we have ear defenders and safety goggles, I'll have to get a photo of me drilling.

Right, off to sort out a service wash.

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We have curtains in my room and [ profile] babysimon is a star of the highest magnitude. Thank you.
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Top tip: the middle hinges on the mirror doors in an IKEA Pax wardrobe are on different heights on either side. Make sure you take that into account when carefully measuring how much you can fit under them.

Thankfully only two more sets of rails to unscrew and screw in one step lower.

I am so hungry - food cooking now.
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I've got a brand new bathroom cabinet. And three new wardrobes.

[ profile] djm4, [ profile] bathtubgingirl, and [ profile] babysimon are total stars. Thank you so.
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Thanks to the steady soldering hands of [ profile] conflux I am bathing in the joy of internetty goodness again. Thank you so much, David!

Now we have to do the same thing to Jess's laptop...
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Breakfast without Internet connectivity has been a sad and sorry affair. This is how it should be - it's so nice to wake up to you all again, finally :-) I shall celebrate by doing something I almost never do - a diary-style LJ entry.

Today is the US version of Mothers Day, but for us mother's day was yesterday. First my Mum and her partner Chris came to drop off a lovely LG fridge freezer, which should mean we actually have enough space to make things cold. They also brought lovely posh cut glasses and some bubbly, so we had a small celebratory drink with lunch before moving the fridge freezer into place - there's also been some good news in her life which was worth celebrating.

We haven't actually turned it on yet - we haven't opened enough boxes to find an extension cable. But we will soon.

Next [ profile] ergotia's mum Cherrill came to inspect the new flat. I was sorry that we hadn't plumbed in the dishwasher she's given us - we're still faffing on the washing machine issue and we want to do both at once - but we'd bought new covers for the sofa she gave us as she suggested and she approved of the colour. She's a good person to get flat advice from and she enjoys doing it.

While they were here I got the call from the Internet cafe next door, and went over to talk about getting us online. After a certain amount of back-and-forth to fetch things from the house I'd forgotten, like Ethernet cables, we got it all sorted.

After my Mum left, the booze hit me and with a slight headache I went for a little lie down, while [ profile] spikeylady and [ profile] lilithmagna went to visit Leviathan. Once rested I got up and started mainlining the Internetty goodness like a man who had not been online at home for a week.

Once [ profile] spikeylady and [ profile] lilithmagna got back, we watched some BSG and then the four of us ate Thai food with [ profile] spikeylady's mum [ profile] yerbury and her sister [ profile] buttonmeup, who had just returned from a trip to Paris. A very nice evening, though again one cut short for me by a headache - I had to leave [ profile] spikeylady and [ profile] lilithmagna to entertain each other while I went to bed...

The other thing that happened yesterday is that the movers turned up at our old flat, and put absolutely everything into a Transit van. I bet they didn't check things against the inventory and I'm sure most of it will be thrown away, which makes me wish we'd taken the things we'd find useful before they left. We've now handed over our keys, so that's goodbye to the old flat - the end of an era!

Today's plan is something like:
  • Tidy up a little
  • Have a shower
  • Investigate the curtains question, including a possible trip to Tooting
  • Put some IKEA furniture together
  • Watch some BSG
Life is pretty good!


May. 12th, 2007 05:23 pm
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So the BT engineer who arrived Friday said that the builders who gutted and re-built our house didn't do any of the things they'd need to do in order for a phoneline to be hooked up, and as a result there's going to have to be some sort of dealings between the freeholder and BT to sort it out which may involve ripping up parts of the road and will certainly take ages.

This post is courtesy of our local Internet cafe, who back onto our back garden and who have kindly connected my wireless router to their network in return for a small amount of money.

Oh God it's good to have Internets back.
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Everyone says "don't get a washer-dryer, they always break too soon".

If we get a separate washer and dryer, can we put the dryer on top of the washing machine? They'd be backing on to a 100-year-old outside brick wall, so we could screw the dryer to the wall if need be. What's involved in making such a setup work? Has anyone done this before? This Channel 4 website seems to suggest it's a viable plan, as does this stacking kit from John Lewis.

We also have no idea what washer or what dryer to buy or who to buy them from, though I'm currently looking at this washing machine and this condenser tumble dryer from John Lewis.

Did I mention that we moved? We moved. Thank you so much to the cast of thousands who helped us move, clean up the old flat, and celebrate in the new.


May. 5th, 2007 09:02 am
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Moving day is TODAY. We won't have Net access in the new house until Friday at the earliest, so while we may pop over from time to time to get online you'll be seeing a lot less of us.



May. 2nd, 2007 01:27 pm
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Whose Sketchers trainers have we just unearthed from my wardrobe - are they yours?

We also still have some of [ profile] angeoverhere's shoes that we apparently took home from Blackpool.

Latest fuckup news: it seems that we didn't stop the process in time, and now we have completed. When we wanted to complete, the process took forever, but when we tried to delay it it was swift. So it goes. Fortunately we can see people fitting new windows now; they say they'll be finished by Thursday evening, and the carpets will be done today, so fingers crossed.

I think I've managed to show remarkable equanimity up until now, but I haven't managed to sustain that today. I am really stressed. Jess is being wonderful and packing while I continue to play Catfishing to destress - hopefully I'll do more stuff later.

PS: 09:F9:11:02:9D:74:E3:5B:D8:41:56:C5:63:56:88:C0
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Today was supposed to be the day we completed purchase of our flat. As I put the bins out I noticed all was not as it supposed to be. About an hour ago myself and Jess went into the flat (the doors are all open) and took this picture:

We've told the solicitor to hold the money.

Urge to kill rising.

Update to explain what's actually going on: we're buying from a company called London Homebuyers who buy, refurbish and resell property. The windows that were there before were brand new, but it turns out that they didn't bother to comply with planning permission, so the council have made them rip them out and fit sash-style windows that fit better with the neighbourhood. We've been left totally out of the loop on all this; we wouldn't know about it at all if we weren't fortunate enough to live across the road.

We turn out to be extremely fortunate that a screwup by our mortgage company has delayed completion thus far!
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Whitby was fantastic - really good for the four of us who had just the holiday we needed, in no small part thanks to all the people who were staying in our flat. Which is in turn thanks to the wonderful [ profile] bootpunk who sorted out both accommodation and tickets for us - thanks man!

We were supposed to complete on Friday. On the day, we got a call from our solicitors to say that the mortgage company had suddenly decided that they needed to send a surveyor to check that all the work was complete before they could loan the money, but that they couldn't send the surveyor until Monday. That is in some ways handy for the seller, because the work wasn't complete on Friday, but also rather aggravating.

Yesterday we phoned everyone we could to find out what was going on. At around 2pm we learned that the surveyor had called, but that he was yet to make his report, which he couldn't do because he was on the road. If only there were some way to make telephone calls while travelling, I thought. Anyway, it didn't reach the lender in time, so we didn't complete yesterday either.

We are now hoping to complete today.


Update: The mortgage company are happy! They are in the process of releasing the money, which can take up to a couple of hours. Once our solicitor has the money she can instantaneously transfer it to the vendor, at which point we camp out in the vendor's office until they give us keys...

Update: You will not believe the next exciting installment. I'll make another post in about twenty minutes or so.


Apr. 17th, 2007 04:13 pm
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Exchanged successfully. Completion 27th April. Likely moving date 5 May...


Apr. 16th, 2007 12:25 pm
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We just bought a flat.

Yep, [ profile] spikeylady and I are moving out of our flat we rent right above [ profile] ergotia and [ profile] lilithmagna's flat, and bought one... just across the road. Plans for the four of us to move in together are on hold while they try and fight with the builders to get their flat into a more saleable state, but since we can see their bedroom from Jess's bedroom we shouldn't be too far away :-)

Hoping to complete shortly after Whitby, but we will see.



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