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We need a cable that goes from a standard UK 3-pin mains socket to the kind of connector shown on the left. I've just received a replacement power unit for our laptops, but they didn't come with the power connector, which is a pain.

Update: Wow, you lot are swift! It is an IEC 320 C5. Have ordered from Amazon - less than £4 including postage. Many thanks all!
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I can't find my copy of An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers anywhere, and I haven't been able to for some time. Did I lend it to you, and if so can I have it back please? Ta!

Update: also, opinions on books on elliptic curves solicited, for the four or five of you who might have some! See my comment below.
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I need to get a new mobile phone so I can pass my old one on to [ profile] lilithmagna. Now my contract has expired, I'd like to move to a really cheap contract since I'm not a heavy phone user, which may mean moving away from Orange. But of course there are lots of options at the cheap end, and I might consider paying a little extra in order to get Internetty goodness.

T-Mobile's cheapest contract (Flext 20 18+ Months) has a number of free-with-contract phones with HSDPA (3G broadband for laptops); right now I'm looking at getting a Nokia 6120c. With itemized billing that contract is £16.50/month; internet costs £1 each day that you use it and has a 1GB/month cap.

Is that the right deal? What else should I be considering? Thanks!

Update: The technical specs for the 6120c indicate that it does not have the Bluetooth DUN Profile or the Bluetooth PAN profile - am I right in thinking that means I can't use this phone to get my laptop online? If so, how shite is that on a scale from 10 to loads?


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